Arab coalition forces accuses Iran led Houthis of targeting Yemeni civilians

(Arab News) JEDDAH: Fighting spread to civilian areas of Hodeidah on Wednesday as coalition forces drove toward the port area after driving the last Iran-backed Houthi militias out of the city’s airport. Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki said they had fully recaptured the airport and were now destroying nearby Houthi fortifications.

Yemen army continues to make gains against Houthi militia

(Arab News) The Yemeni army, with the backing of the Saudi-led Arab coalition, gained control on Wednesday new positions in the front of Al-Zaher, south of the Houthi-stronghold of Saada. The commander of the special forces brigade, Brigadier General Adel bin Ali Al-Musabi, said that the army forces were engaged in

Yemeni army secures safe passage for citizens

By Middle East Affairs On Sunday the Yemeni army announced that it had secured safe passage for citizens who were ready to evacuate Hodeidah. The army extended their offer to members of the Houthi militia that are willing to put down their weapons and leave their posts. As of Sunday, fighting continued

Yemen army makes strategic advances in western Taiz

Large fields of landmines and improvised explosive devices planted were found in the area The fighting resulted in heavy casualties among the militia The Arab coalition-back army forces in Yemen made new progress towards the town of Al-Barah, west of Taiz province, following fierce fighting against the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. A